Welcome to a new year of activism, hope and opportunity for change. The NY23 Votes team is rolling up our sleeves to get out the vote for the Midterm elections, to register voters, and to promote civic engagement in the 23rd District. This is the year that we hold Congress accountable to the people, and the grassroots organizing that you all have been doing is what is going to make that possible.

We have a slate of activities in the works for the months ahead, including canvasses, phone banks, tabling, festivals and events, training days, and more – we hope to hear from you if you have other ideas and plans. Many thanks to those of you who filled out our poll, we really appreciated the feedback, validation, and new ideas, and will be reaching out to folks who expressed interest in getting involved in specific activities.

(Photo: members of the NY23Votes team registering voters at the recent Women’s March in Seneca Falls, NY)

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